Statement about Facebook group ‘Renovating in france”

I only set up this website this week because I want to document our new renovation, our third in France where we bought our first holiday home in 2003. I wanted to share information that we have learnt over the year through trial and error, I have changed the name to “renovators in france” as a gesture of goodwill !

I was a member of a Facebook group called “renovating in france ‘ but tonight I was banned and then had a public shaming that contain totally fictitious claims about my motives in that group which although my profile was banned another profile that I have was not so I reproduce the deformation

Here I Quote the post by an admin of the group:


Dear all we are sad to report that we have recently discovered that someone has started to make money from our group.

Basically they (referring to me) joined our group in May, taken our name and set up a blog/webpage called RENOVATING IN FRANCE Our group was not set up for even the admins to make money from our members and we think as admins that it is extremely unethical.
You may have seen links to blogs in relation to this individual but we just wanted to ensure that any of our members aren’t potentially having their details/email addresses sold on the back of OUR renovating in France, we as admins want to protect your privacy. Please rest assured that unless you signed up to this rogue website then your details are safe. The basis of our theory is that the person that has used our name has said to suppliers …. Look at our Facebook page will you pay me some money to advertise on our page, and it looks like several companies have bitten (We cannot be certain of this but why else would someone do it apart from making money)
We have worked hard to build up this fantastic group and for someone to come along and do this well, we think it’s wrong!
Therefore we have deleted the individual to stop him basically selling us as individual numbers to line his own pockets by gaining supplier advertising revenue and possibly selling details once you have signed up to the blogs etc thank you for your understanding
In no way am I selling information, I am not being paid by any companies, I legally registered a domain that is just generic and descriptive, but as a goodwill gesture I have changed the name of this site to “”
The admin could have quite easily private messaged me about these fantastic unsubstantiated claims which couldnt be further from the truth, in fact 20 mins before I was chatting to Pete Robinson (An Admin) about spas and swimming pools !

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