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This is a great company that supplies solutions for construction jobs around your french property PIVETEAUBOIS is a French industrialist, manufacturer of wood solutions for construction, landscaping and wood energy since 1948.Our activity ranges from the selection of softwoods in local eco-certified forests (PEFC), to the transformation, through the design ... Read More

This Old House

If you watched all the old satellite channels in the 90's and 00's you must have seen "abe" in this old house, with his crazy expensive wood working machinery, and his gigantic perfect workshops, here is a taste of the programme in its up to date mode ... Read More

French House Renovation in the Sarthe

Our film of the transformation of an old French farmhouse in the Sarthe (Dept 72). Part 1 shows the before and after of the kitchen, lounge and bedroom ... Read More

A Complete Roof renovation in 11 Videos

The Builder's Friendly Roof Renovation Project Video Clip Show is his first published of many becoming. Clip 1 - The roof tiles are flying down by multinational neighborly help workforces... An old barn gets renewed roofing in France by The Builder helping his friends. It's a great example of nice ... Read More


This is a French based DIY help channel on youtube where you may find some interesting howto information .... Description On the Web, we find the answers to all the questions. But it takes hours to unravel the wacky, the awesome, the useful, and the obsolete to find the right ... Read More

Steve Lavimoniere Heating Engineer

This is an American channel but most of the principles of oil fired boilers are valid anywhere, have a browse around see if anything helps ... Read More

Plastering For Beginners Channel

Plastering For Beginners is a channel that will show you how to plaster. If your a complete beginner with no previous experience don't worry. Our videos will show you how to plaster a wall and give you all the tips and advice needed to get started. You'll never need to ... Read More

Bosch Professional Power Tools UK Channel

Bosch Professional! Bosch Blue Professional Power Tools: for Trade and Industry. Cordless tools, Drills, Impact drills Screwdrivers, Impact wrenches, Rotary hammer, Demolition hammer, Diamond technology, Measuring technology, Angle grinders, Metalworking, Sanders, Planers, Routers, Multi-cutters, Saws, Benchtop tools, Stands, Tile working, Dust extraction systems, Stirrers, Heat guns, Glue gun, Pneumatic nailers, ... Read More

Home & Garden for Mere Mortals

Although this is an american angle a lot of the basics on this channel are valid anywhere ..... This channel was  created by HGMM to empower you to maintain your own home yourself. Most of the home improvement, repairs, maintenance needed to keep your home looking great are not that ... Read More

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine Channel

Some great stuff on this channel for everyone, no matter what your project is ... Read More

How to videos the French way by Leroy Merlin

Leroy merlin is one of the oldest DIY chainstores in France, this is their how to channel. is a French headquartered home improvement and gardening retailer serving several countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, South America and Africa. Generally established on the outskirts of major towns and cities, Leroy Merlin stores are large centres (9000 m2 on ... Read More

How to Smooth Out Uneven Plaster With a Skim Coat

How to Smooth Out Plaster Walls or Ceiling with a Skim Coat Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to repair unsightly plaster walls with a skim coat. Your plaster wall will be perfectly smooth and ready for new primer and paint in no time! Get the tools that Leah ... Read More

POUSE around the HOUSE

Plastering and lots of DIY tips here that may be of use ! ... Read More


If you can afford it these are the best power tools money can buy and you can find them all over france ... along with Blue Bosch and Skill ... Read More

DeWalt TV

For all you tool freaks out the .... Tool Porn ... Read More

How to do Plumbing

Again an american channel but pretty much the same tools and fittings as in France, this guy has over 500 videos to watch ... Read More

Joining Plex pipe… and other diversions 🙂

Although this is American, its the same system you will find in France ... Read More

We are a new website, we are still growing our content, we want everyone that is renovating in France to help us feature what we all wanted to know when we all started, contact us with all your experience and tips, we live just south of Celles Sur Belle, in Deux Servre, 79, and are just about to start out on our next renovation, every job we start on, every problem, product or skill we need to learn about i will try and find some useful information on the internet and share it with you, yes I could do this by sharing it on facebook, but the problem is it just helps facebook and disappears down the timeline, here links and articles will be searchable and here permanently for you to book mark and refer to, so watch this space … and if you have links and articles that have helped you let us know !!1

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