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Find your ideal holiday accommodation in France, with peace of mind that all our properties are officially registered at our sister website

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Holiday Makers…

First of all the business bit… Our aim is to provide potential holiday makers with a choice of properties, all of which are officially recognised by the French authorities as holiday lettings.  Every gite and holiday accommodation on our website is registered in France in one of two ways. It is either registered with the local Mayor as a tourism/short stay property or is is registered as a holiday letting business in France and so has a SIRET number. We will not advertise any properties unless we have seen evidence of this. If you want anymore information about this, please do contact us.

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And now onto the fun part! Please browse through the lovely selection of holiday properties listed by region and start planning your French escape! We are a relatively new site and so our list of properties is growing!

Quick tip

Paint effects

Try out different paint effects to give your home a new look, try rag rolling, stippling or marbling. If you’re handy with a paint brush and eager to let your inner artist out, then consider painting a trompe l’oeil effect on a wall. Remember you could simply project an image onto a wall and paint around it – you don’t need to be a great artist to have a go at this. So get your paint brushes out and get creative.


If you have any questions about booking any of our featured properties either contact the owner direct or contact us at

Electrical Tip

“Although at first glance lighting, sockets and off-peak heating in France may all appear familiar, closer investigation will reveal that the installation methods are different to those employed in the UK”

Excerpt From: Thomas Malcolm. “Electricity in your French house.” iBooks.



Karen & Simon Othen

Until the 31 December 2015 Metropolitan France is divided into 22 administrative regions, which in turn are divided into departments. Each region has its own character, traditions, cuisine and even French dialects.

From 1st January 2016 Mainland France is now divided into 13 administrative regions, the government agreed on a re-organisation of the country.


We have decided for the time being to use the old region names to group our holiday lets on this site. A good guide to where things were is here for reference at the moment

For more information about this change you can visit this site

Please note: this is a new website that is still at the beta stage, as we get more content the areas on the left will grow and we will be adding further pages, all we need is you the owners of holiday lets in France to send us some details and 5 photos so we can get you listed and with your feedback we can improve this site to help everyone with their holiday rentals in the future, Thankyou

To send us your FREE listing use this form .

“A new map of France..

….has reorganised its internal administration, reducing the number of regions from 22 down to 13. After months of debate, resistance, changes, and much reshuffling of cartography, the 13-region version was adopted by the Assemblée Nationale  – the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of France – with effect in January 2016 with the  aim to simplify bureaucracy and save costs.”


Gite and B&B owners

We are a showcase directory, we want to give you a great first impression to your potential clients with nice big pictures of your business, information depending on what you want to feature, and allow clients to be sent to wherever you wish, your website, your favourite listing site or all your listing sites if you wish, it doesn’t matter to us, just list all the links in the comments section or our “advertise with us” form, and we will publish them for you, as long as it helps your business.

To Advertise your registered property on our site click here 

You can also visit our  Facebook Support Group at

DIY Tips

Want to add a personal touch to your home? Then get creative to add style that’s one of a kind to your home. Patchwork, knitting and crochet can all be used to add chic soft furnishings and accessories to your home, from cushions to throws and more. If you are new to crafting there’s lots of advice available online including helpful craft tutorials. Also take a make do and mend approach to upcycling existing pieces in your home with paint, decoupage or fabric.


Give is your thoughts by email ….

or join our Forum and discuss your tips or experiences Visit the forum

Electrical Tip

“Although at first glance lighting, sockets and off-peak heating in France may all appear familiar, closer investigation will reveal that the installation methods are different to those employed in the UK”

Excerpt From: Thomas Malcolm. “Electricity in your French house.” iBooks.


We are a new website, we are still growing our content, we want everyone that is renovating in France to help us feature what we all wanted to know when we all started, contact us with all your experience and tips, we live just south of Celles Sur Belle, in Deux Servre, 79, and are just about to start out on our next renovation, every job we start on, every problem, product or skill we need to learn about i will try and find some useful information on the internet and share it with you, yes I could do this by sharing it on facebook, but the problem is it just helps facebook and disappears down the timeline, here links and articles will be searchable and here permanently for you to book mark and refer to, so watch this space … and if you have links and articles that have helped you let us know !!1

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