European standard for plugs

European standard for plugsEuropean standard for power supply networks specifies network voltage of 220 – 240 V at a frequency of 50 Hertz. It requires that plug types from C to M are used.C plug called europlug in Europe has two 4mm round pins without earthing. The plug is designed for currents up to 2.5A and can be used with any socket that is compatible with 4mm round pins, with a distance of 19mm between them.F plug is also quite widespread. In Russia it is often erroneously called europlug. It is compatible with currents up to 16A, and has a so-called safety contact.It is a non-polarized plug just like C-type.Е/F plug has also become quite popular. It is polarized when used with E-type sockets. However, binding of neutral and phase conductors is not observed in F-type sockets.The plug is compatible with 16A currents.The appliances that are exported to Europe and use standard E or F are supplied with such plug. As a rule the rest of the plugs have three pins of various designs. Such plugs are not popular in Russia.


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“Although at first glance lighting, sockets and off-peak heating in France may all appear familiar, closer investigation will reveal that the installation methods are different to those employed in the UK”

Excerpt From: Thomas Malcolm. “Electricity in your French house.” iBooks.


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