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This Old House

If you watched all the old satellite channels in the 90’s and 00’s you must have seen […]

Stripping Paint from wood !

This is from a great website called “This Old House” Bookmark them and visit some of the great […]

Lighting and using a woodburning stove

Visit Stoves at Stove Help & Advice Home If there is a bit too much text and information […]

How to use a woodburner

This is a english article so prices and links go back to english websites but the theory is […]

This is a French based DIY help channel on youtube where you may find some interesting howto information […]

How your French home wiring works

A RETIRED electrical engineer has published an English-language book on French wiring. Thomas Malcolm’s Electricity in Your French […]

Utility room design

The need for a separate utility room is often neglected when redesigning a property or doing a renovation. […]

Plumbing in France

What you need to know about the high calcium content of the water, the water pressure, copper and […]