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Insulating your house

Times have moved on since the days when 10 centimetres of glass fibre in the attic was considered […]

Chimney sweeping

Doing the chimney sweeping is not only obligatory but also essential for its proper functioning. In particular, it makes it possible […]


Head over to dummies.com for more fantastic tips and info like this one ……  http://www.dummies.com/crafts/types-of-wood-for-woodworking/ RELATED BOOK Woodworking […]

How your French home wiring works

A RETIRED electrical engineer has published an English-language book on French wiring. Thomas Malcolm’s Electricity in Your French […]

Utility room design

The need for a separate utility room is often neglected when redesigning a property or doing a renovation. […]

Septic tanks in France

A subject that all of us undertaking renovation work come to know and love sooner or later is […]

SIRET numbers and building

All enterprises registered in France will obtain a SIRET number at the time of registration. This is a […]

European standard for plugs

European standard for plugsEuropean standard for power supply networks specifies network voltage of 220 – 240 V at […]

French Electrical Systems

This will give you the basics to work from ….. Electricity Supply The standard domestic electricity supply in […]

Plumbing in France

What you need to know about the high calcium content of the water, the water pressure, copper and […]

Chene / European Oak

France is Europe’s leading producer of oak. More widespread than all other species of hardwood in France, oak […]